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9 reasons to move to Monasterevin right now

Monasterevin doesn't quite get the recognition it deserves for being the generally awesome place that it is, so it's time to let you in on a few local secrets.

Here are 9 reasons why Monasterevin is one of the best places to live.

1. Direct rail links to Dublin

Thanks to Irish Rail commuting to Dublin has never been easier. Since the re-opening of the train station at Monasterevin, you can now get to Heuston station in less than 50 minutes and then you've the option to take the Luas or bus to wherever you work.

Ah, the best of the both worlds.

2. Dog friendly

Kildare folk love their dogs.

And, thankfully there's no shortage of open spaces around Monasterevin for your furry friend to run around and have some fun. From the canal to the forest, your dog will think they're on a permanent holiday.

3. You'll get a good night's kip

With less traffic and fewer people, you're guaranteed to get a much better night's sleep - next time you visit your pals in the big smoke, you'll be bringing them back with you!

The only thing likely to wake you up in the morning is probably one of these fellas.

4. Friends for life

One of the perks of living in a small community is that people rally around to help each other out. Getting to know your neighbours and living just a short walk away from them means that friendships can grow to last a lifetime.

4. Unwind at the K Club

There's nothing better than having the pool to yourself to unwind after a long week and it's only half an hour from Monasterevin.

5. Prettiest canal ever

Easily one of the most underrated canals in the country in terms of natural beauty.

It's a brilliant place for a Sunday walk, or if you happen to have a barge, the surrounding waters provide excellent scenery.

6. They have their own Gospel choir

Although there's only a population of around 4,000, Monasterevin have their own Gospel choir! So, if you fancy listening to some quality singing or taking up a new hobby, get involved!

7. They have a top GAA team

They were Kildare club of the year in 1977 and in 2012, they won their first Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship. Sign up and you're sure to make a few new pals

8. Less traffic and pollution

With fewer people, you can drive from end-to-end in a few minutes . You'll save time and petrol money, and if you're into outdoor fitness, you'll enjoy not having to jostle for space among heavy traffic.

9. Adventure at your doorstep

With an abundance of transport options and social activities on your doorstep, adventure is never far away in Monasterevin. Whether it's a road-trip up the M7 or building a den in Moore Abbey Wood, there's always something new to try.

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